Luxury City Breaks

Our featured cities span the globe

We are thrilled to present a curated collection of exclusive and captivating luxury city breaks worldwide, each offering its own opulent hotels renowned for their lavish interiors and exceptional dining experiences. Whether you desire a rejuvenating long weekend, a refreshing mid-week escape, or a delightful few nights as part of a twin center holiday, our enticing destinations await you.

Within our European portfolio, you will discover the romantic allure of Paris, the striking architectural wonders of Barcelona, and the rich historical charm of Prague. Our Africa and The Middle East selection showcases cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town, with its breathtaking Table Mountain backdrop, and Dubai, renowned as one of the most progressive and rapidly expanding cities in the world today. Asia and Australasia offer bustling Bangkok, a paradise for avid shoppers, and Sydney, where a dazzling skyline meets a picturesque harbor, creating an enchanting setting. For those seeking adventures in the USA, we recommend the vibrant city of New York, with its plethora of entertainment options and a thriving theater scene.

Indulge in the ultimate luxury city breaks and allow us to guide you through a world of exceptional destinations, where sophistication meets comfort and unforgettable experiences await.

Here are captivating images showcasing the enchanting city hotel views you can explore during your holiday:

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