3 Reasons you should consider booking a ski instructor

Are you an intermediate or advanced skier and wondering if you should be booking a ski instructor? Read on!

We asked Greg from Marmalade Ski School for his top three reasons why booking a ski instructor could really enhance your holiday and enjoyment of the mountain: 

  • Even the top professionals at any sport have a coach – there is always room for improvement and more that you can learn! If it’s moguls that are your nemesis then let’s learn how to ski them together, with a coach that can explain and show you the correct techniques.
  • Get off the plateau!! Just because you have skied many weeks and skied hundreds of pistes you might not actually be getting a whole lot better, you’re just practicing the same movement which might not be the best. A few tweaks from a good coach can hugely change your skiing in a matter of a few runs.
  • Have you learned how to really effectively use the most up to date and modern carving skis? Skiing is still skiing but with a few changes new equipment can give you so much more control and fun! Not just carving but skiing the whole mountain more efficiently!

For all new whole chalet bookings on 14th and 21st January, we are offering one day of complimentary ski instruction with Marmalade Ski School – call us on 01285 648518 for our latest availability.