Get Fit For Skiing


Skiing is one of the most fantastic feelings of freedom and fun one can experience. There is no better way to spend a holiday! Maximising enjoyment and minimising any risk of injury or a recurring injury, are the top priorities of any ski holiday. Skiing well all day and on multiple days requires a certain level of physical strength endurance and general fitness. We would like to help you prepare physically for your holiday with a personalised Ski Fit training plan, to maximise enjoyment and minimise aches, pains and the risk of injury.

As the legs fatigue, technique and control can be compromised. There can be a temptation to do fewer turns and thus increase speed. People often lean back as they go faster, which in turn is much harder on the legs. Voilà, a crash can occur and potentially an injury, NOT the way to spend a holiday.


Your personalised Ski Fit training plan will lead you into your Meriski holiday ready to go! All plans are 100% tailored to suit you and your specific needs. We take into consideration your current fitness level and training (if applicable), any past or present injuries, your time availability, skiing level and the specific terrain you’re aiming to ski on during your holiday. Whether you’re a total beginner or an expert off piste skier, the benefits of preparing physically with a Meriski training plan, can be the difference between an amazing skiing experience and an avoidable injury.


• Your own personalised web page hosting your daily exercise routine.

• Explanations of how to perform each exercise.

• Video and photos of exercises where appropriate.

• A personalised action plan of how to avoid fatigue and ski safely.

• Unlimited email and phone contact regarding your exercise programme with our Meriski Ski Fit coach, Silas Cullen.

• A 100% money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied with the service.

Investment £150 per plan

Please follow this link to our online questionnaire. An 8+ week lead in time to your holiday is ideal and 4 weeks would be a minimum required. The more time you give us to get you fit the better.

“We’d like to turn that grimace into a smile on the ski slopes this winter!”

The Meriski Ski Fit team